Monday, February 13, 2012

Burrrrr/Photography Page

Today in my ol' Kentucky freezing....We haven't had that much of a winter being around 60 some days. But, this week.....oh goodness is it cold dripping around to 17 and 18 degrees......

With the cold weather sitting in, so is the sickness. Right now my household my hubby and I have sinus infections and our little angel has step and two ear infections....geesh...what a bunch of sicko's.

So I am combining every thing in one post today. I haven't felt up to par to do anything exciting and passion in life is photography.....I do not call my self a photographer...more like a wanna be or even more like a digital artist. So while back I made a photography page just all about photography. I some how remembered the password that I forgotten. So I am working and setting it up right now. This page is dedicated just to my photography and my journey of learning and errors LOL!!!... So here is the link to it, if you would like to take a look see's!! Photobucket  

 I am going to also keep it up and running. I have people to ask me all the time about my photography and how I do something...LOL!!!!! So this way I can make tutorial and help when I can. 

Y'all Have a great day!!!

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