Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old Canning jar Lids.

My hubby and father in law....had an odd job to clean out this old house that was being sold....and he brought me home old canning lids.....beautiful, rusty and bent...This could have been a huge diamond to me...I was EXCITED. Then I was like...what am I going to do with them LOL!!...So this is what I came up with..

We had some scrap board laying around....and about a perfect rectangle....not all straight on the side....no matter to me LOL!! I grabbed some navy acrylic and white acrylic paint, some 3000 epoxy glue and some wall hooks. (NOTE: this is not a light piece of wood so I had to have some good hooks to hang it on the wall!!) Then I put it all together. I painted it navy first then while that paint was still wet I went back over it with the white...making it look old and worn. AND TADA!!! This is how it turned out....not to bad!!! 


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