Tuesday, February 28, 2012

25 Rules for Mothers of Sons

I just found an article on pintrest....I just thought it was the cleverest thing ever.... Its at Team Studer   She writes for herself on this to come back to look at but its sooo inspiring and beautiful....the article is call 25 Rules for Mothers of Sons. This is just an awesome way to look for raising boys and it has me thinking about what I want for my sons future as a man. 

What I want for my son & How to be (This is my own wish for my son)
  • Compassionate
  • Passionate
  • Smart
  • Well Rounded in studies.
  • Caring
  • Kind
  • Considerate 
  • Faithful
  • Loyal 
  • Creative
  • Loving
  • Loved
  • Believe in his self and others
  • To know every one is equal 
  • To help his wife 
  • To know that marriage is 50/50
  • To believe in Marriage. 
  • For him to help and appreciate his wife and people in his life.
  • For him to be a great father. 
  • To be kind to people even when they aren't kind to him. 
This is just a few off the top of my head. But, I love every 25 ideas she had written. Boys are rough and tough they play hard and are curious. But, Boys should also be brought up to have a softer side and not to hide feelings and show their love to people. Compassion and Kindness to others are NOT a sign of weakness.

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