Monday, February 27, 2012

Homade Cleaners

So...yet again I have stumbled on more homemade cleaning products. SO I am going to share again LOL!!! Sharing is caring....BUT just go to their blogs or sites and give them some love for sharing with us!!!!

First is Homemade Mamas
Their cleaning link is below!!!


3 ALL NATURAL cleaning recipes you will LOVE!


Air Freshener

Toilet Bomb

Basic Sink Cleaning

 Okay thats is for now.....I will be looking more to find other ways to make house cleaning easier and cheaper..........and please....if you like these ladies ideas.....go to their site and blogs and give them some love.......!!!!!!!!! 

(These are not my ideas or nor did I create them....I am simply passing along ideas to help make your life easier and your purse fuller.....)

Have an awesome day!!!!!

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