Monday, February 27, 2012

Wishing, Dreaming and Hoping........

So I have been wishing,dreaming and hoping for years will let you on a secret....but shhhh don't tell no one LOL!!!! I have been thinking about my bucket list. A list for lifetime and a list for now. 

One wish I would like to share with you on my bucket I want my own little small business. I would like to own a salvage store or a consignment store. OR an all in one. 

Also, I am very into photography.....but making it a business...I am still iffy about.....I don't like to charge that much OR even at all for taking pics for people.....the reason....I don't feel like you should charge an arm and leg just to have beautiful pictures and another reason....I feel like I am not good enough for people to pay for them.....So that is why I keep it as a hobby....I am also afraid I will get burn out on it and I will lose my passion for it..... LOL!!! 

I just want to do my own thing and do what I wanna do and still bring an income to my family. BUT to do all this you have to have the extra money to even start a business. LOL!! and I am flat broke!!! Even with two incomes coming into the home still....after bills, groceries and necessities there is little left. BUT this is not getting me down by no means.....I work a little each day to plan and create my own thing......

I love to create.....I was born to do it....I was born that way LOL!!! Even as a child...I would draw all the time.....but the older I turned to painting and then to turning things old in to new again...then when my child came along my hobby for photography took off big time.....I turned to it because I could still be creative and just not have a mess around the house for little hands to get in to......I do often go back to painting and "recycling, upcycling, re-purposing" and that is what I love to do....I want a beautiful home with things I turned trash to treasures or flea market finds. I want to share my mis-haps and my victories........and if I can sale my creations for a buck or two...that would be awesome too.......

Well guess I have bored you enough LOL!!!!! 

Have a great day!!!! 

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